Gotta Be Bays

BAYS® English Muffins have been known and loved for decades for their rich, wholesome flavor and delightful texture. Made from the original family recipe, they toast up golden brown – crunchy on the outside with a soft and tender inside.

While they are legendary for breakfast, they are also a great way to build a sandwich for lunch, a mini meal at dinner, a bun for your burger or a great snack anytime of day. And for added convenience, they come pre-sliced and ready to go.

There’s a reason you find them in the dairy section – with the fresh milk, butter and eggs. It’s because freshness matters, and from our bakery to your kitchen, we do everything possible to guarantee that every breakfast, every meal, every snack, every family gathering and special family recipe is better when BAYS English Muffins are on the table – or better yet, in the smiling mouths of those you love.